Managed Inventory Programs

As the leading wood products manufacturer, Goeman's Wood Products offers a number of different programs to manage your wood pallet and custom crating inventory for maximum cost effectiveness along with the following benefits and advantages:

  • It controls your company's inventory quantity, usage and replenishment of new pallets or crates so you don't stock an excess amount of inventory on the ground which can be costly. 
  • More importantly by tracking your usage trends we make certain you won't ever run short of pallets or crates either. This situation can be even more costly if you have to shut down production or shipping.
  • Small quantity usage can increase prices because small orders sometimes carry a set up charge.  But with a managed inventory program larger quantities are manufactured (reducing your price.)  Then a smaller quantity (partial) is delivered with the remainder stocked on the ground for future releases.  Here are a few managed inventory programs and stock on the ground program options:

    We would identify your daily or weekly pallet or crate usage trends then calculate how many days usage you'd want us to keep in your inventory.  A regular schedule would be established where we'd stop at your facility and take a count of your inventory on the predetermined day(s).  Then we'd automatically replenish your inventory as needed on an ongoing basis by scheduling a delivery to maintain stock max levels.


    Same program as "Vendor Managed" outlined above except you would take the regular inventory count at your facility. Then you would contact us with the order quantity necessary for us to replenish your inventory and we'd schedule a delivery to maintain your max quantity.


    We would determine your daily or weekly pallet or crate usage trends then calculate how many days usage you'd want us to keep in inventory at our facility.  We currently have 20,000 square feet of warehouse storage.  We'd establish an ongoing schedule to take a count of your inventory we have on the ground here on predetermined day(s). Then we'd automatically schedule a production run to replenish your inventory here to maintain stock levels on an ongoing basis.

Example: your company uses 100 pallets per week. We
would actually manufacture 300 at a time, deliver 100 to
you and hold 200 in inventory for your next week's release.

    Contact us for more information on our managed inventory programs.

    Goeman's Wood Products is a leading manufacturer of wood pallets.

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