Company History


1973. Danny Goeman and father Ken begin retrieving unwanted, used wood pallets from various sources. Working from home they sort, repair and resell them using family owned pickup trucks and trailers.

1976. Their endeavor grows, additional space is needed so property is rented at 5840 Hwy. 60 East in Hartford, WI. This site would eventually become their corporate headquarters.

1981-1985. Major company expansion is realized with the addition of the saw shop, pallet recycling division, hand assembly division and crate shop. In 1982 GWP Trucking comes online to ensure on-time delivery. The building and 70 acres at the Highway 60, Hartford site is purchased as rapid growth continues.

1988. A new Viking Duomatic is installed to meet growing demand. This computerized pallet assembly machine can build over 1,600 new pallets per day.

1993 - 1997. In 1993 the company's one millionth new pallet rolls off the line. In 1997 a new Viking Turbo 505 computerized pallet assembly machine is installed which can build 2,400 pallets per 8 hour shift using just 3 people.

2000 - 2004. In 2000 Danny Goeman becomes President and sole owner. During the next 4 years the company experiences ongoing growth until a tragic fire destroys their offices and a portion of their production facility. Office personnel continue to operate working out of trailers on site until a new building can be completed.

2005. The company's new building is completed which includes new offices, a larger employee lunch room and new maintenance shop. Also another 6,000 sq. feet of production space is added to meet growing demand.

Danny Goeman
Chairman and CEO

2008. Goeman's Wood Products becomes national in scope expanding its efforts outside of Wisconsin. This transformation launches the company from a local wood products manufacturer to a major manufacturer and supplier with a nationwide presence.

2011. Don Woods is appointed General Manager.  
Danny Goeman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer remains very active in company operations. Together they're spearheading Goeman's continued growth and vision to remain a manufacturing leader in the wood products industry locally and nationally.




From design to disposal, Goeman's Wood Products, Inc. provides one of the most comprehensive lines of wood products and services known in our industry. Today, our manufacturing capabilities range from high-volume fully automated pallet and skid assembly, to small quantity orders and precision, custom designed wood packaging and crating.  We also sell industrial lumber including hardwood, softwood, OSB and plywood.    Our corporate headquarters and main production facility are located on a 70 acre site in Hartford, Wisconsin.  While this facility employs over 100 people, Goeman's Wood Products now has operations in 3 additional locations in the Greater Milwaukee area along with a nationwide network of partners in 20+ states to service national contracts.  Contact us regarding our commitment to the environment and our outstanding customer service for purchasing wood pallets, crating / packaging and industrial lumber.


Throughout our history Goeman's Wood Products, Inc. has been proud to be a 100% "green"company and we continue to maintain our commitment to the environment.  In addition to repairing pallets our recycling division also performs pallet and scrap removals for recycling as an added service for our customers.  All scrap lumber and any used pallets beyond repair are disassembled.  Then they're ground into mulch to be returned to earth in a biodegradable and natural form.  Scrap wood is also ground into wood chips and burned in our hydronic hot water heating system used to heat our entire 65,000 square foot facility thus "completing the cycle"


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