Today more focus and importance is being placed on recycling and the environment than ever before. Companies nationwide are spearheading efforts to eliminate any of their waste being hauled to a land fill. Well, we have gone the extra mile to assist companies in their efforts. Throughout our history Goeman's Wood Products, Inc. has been proud to be a 100% green company and we continue to maintain our commitment to the environment. We purchased our first grinder in 2001 and have upgraded this piece of equipment 2 times since then to our current one shown above, investing over $100,000.

All scrap lumber and any used pallets beyond repair are ground into mulch and sold, thus returning it to earth in a biodegradable and natural form. In addition, our grinder serves as a utility. Scrap wood is also ground into wood chips and burned in our Hydronic hot water heating system used to heat our entire 65,000 square foot facility and heat treating chamber thus "completing the cycle." All cardboard is ground up then mixed with sawdust which is sold to farmers to use for animal bedding. Today this environmentally-responsible piece of equipment is operated by 2 full time employees. Our ongoing recycling and environmental initiatives include:

  • Wood Pallet Recycling / Repair
  • Repair and Return Program
  • Sell Used and Remanufactured Pallets
  • Sell Mulch to Nurseries and Landscape Companies
  • Pallet and Scrap Removal

Our recycling division obtains used and broken pallets through a variety of sources including scrap and pallet removals from our customers. We also buy used pallets from other vendors. Pallet removals are returned to our recycling plant & sorted into one of the following categories:

  • Used pallets in good condition are placed into inventory and available for immediate resale
  • Pallets too damaged for repair are disassembled for the usable boards
  • Used pallets with slight damage are repaired using boards recycled off of an unrepairable one
  • Unusable lumber left over from disassembled pallets goes to our grinder

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